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Hologramme Studio aspires to be the leading interior designer for luxury-centric clients. Backed by years of experience in the luxury and interior design sector, Hologramme Studio offers discerning clients a one-of-a-kind experience, delivering bespoke services that reflect their unique needs and desires. Our team of dedicated professionals will work closely with you to bring your vision to life, ensuring that every detail is meticulously crafted to exceed your expectations.

From initial consultation to final installation, Hologramme Studio is your trusted partner in creating luxurious living spaces that exude style and sophistication. We offer a comprehensive range of services, including bespoke building and interior design consultation. Whether you’re looking to create a show-stopping walk-in wardrobe or a luxurious home wine cellar, we will work with you to bring your vision to life.

If you’re searching for unparalleled luxury and excellence in interior design, look no further than Hologramme Studio. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you create the home of your dreams.



Simplicity and

Hologramme is a luxury design brand that offers impeccable customer service and attention to detail. We have years of experience in the luxury sector, so you can trust us to create a high-end home. Our goal is to provide a luxurious retail experience in the comfort of your own home. Shop with us for unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that will elevate your space  
Kitchen Setup

Designing your kitchen is important for anyone who loves to cook. The way your kitchen is arranged will make meal preparation much easier. Having a well-designed kitchen will help you enjoy cooking even more.

Lightning Design

Interior architecture is the combination of art and science to create, repair, or modify the interiors of living rooms, workplaces, and other interior spaces.

Smart Home

The decision of whether or not to incorporate any sort of smart home technology integration into your house depends on how well it will work and how much convenience it provides. Smart home technology automates common home functions, making your life easier. It is worth considering if it will save you time and energy in the long run.


Art and science are combined in interior architecture to develop, repair, or modify the interiors of a living rooms, workplaces, and other interior spaces.

Process Behind
The Great Idea


In brainstorming, the team and client generate various ideas or solutions, then begin discussing and narrowing them down to the best options.


In sketching, we get the basic ideas down on paper and then refine over and over again.

Build & Finish

With a build & finish team, we work together toward a common goal, which simplifies the building process for a project owner. This can go much faster than typical design-bid-build.