At Hologramme Studio, we believe that well-designed environments can evoke great emotions. Our vibrant interiors are both simple and practical, striking a perfect balance between the two. If you’re interested in seeing some of our previous work, please take a look at our portfolio

Our Process

The design process may require additional processes depending on the magnitude of the task, such as bringing in a structural engineer or an architect when dealing with load-bearing walls.

Strategic Planning

To create a personalized design for you and your family, we need to understand how you spend your life.

Concept Development

We make sketches, use the new digital set of floor plans, and begin the process of changing the space layout. 

Design Development

Fabrics, wall coverings, textiles, color selection, cabinetry, millwork, lighting, art, and accessories are included in our room layouts and material board samples.


After the client approves the design, our Interior Visions designers develop thorough construction documents that instruct any trade contractor, such as carpenters and others, all they need to know to complete the project flawlessly.